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Intuitive UI

We know work is busy. That’s why EchoLog’s interface is designed by a team of physicians and UI experts, with a focus to help you to log and review your scans as efficiently as possible.

Screenshot of Smart Scan Count

Smart Scan Count

No more counting your scans manually! See your scan totals at a glance. Smart Scan Count tallies only the determinate scans of each type.

Export to PDF

Export your EchoLog logbook as a PDF for e-mail. Includes a Summary Report of your scans as well as individual scan details, with option to “Hide patient identity” to ensure privacy.

EchoLog in Action

  • Login to EchoLog. All data is stored locally to maximize data privacy.

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The Team

Wayne Choi

Wayne Choi

Co-founder, Innovation Expert
Laurie Robichaud

Laurie Robichaud

Co-founder, Ultrasound Expert